The Mission of The Brandon Act is to save the lives of our Military Service Members, Military Families, and children.  The protection of the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serve this great Nation is desperately needed.  The Brandon Act will protect the health and well-being of our Military Force through the early identification and intervention of problems they face on a daily basis.


The men and women face systemic problems every day and it is only escalating.  The number of suicides, sexual assaults, murders, domestic violence/abuse, child abuse, bullying, hazing, incidents of toxic abusive leadership in commands, and many other issues have only gone up, not down.  It is The Brandon Act’s mission to get our service members the help they need when they need it without retaliation from their commands and leadership.  It will allow proper investigations to include criminal investigations and will allow service members to leave their toxic abusive commands and will hold anyone accountable for their actions when appropriate.


Our mission is to stop the suicide epidemic in the Armed Forces.  It’s time to defend our defenders.  One suicide is too many!